How to Make a Caribbean Getaway on the Mainland

Beachfront beach houses and private beach at Tranquility Bay Resort, Florida Keys

Back to the Bay: A Return From Hurricane Season

Transcending the ordinary comes easily to us. Following our hurricane recovery efforts and the phenomenal work of our community, we are pleased to resume our dedication to Caribbean-style hospitality. For us, a return to normal means exceeding expectations while creating memories in one of the most spectacular places in the world.

What’s Waiting

Choose this idyllic island destination for your upcoming vacation, and you’ll come to know a special level of warm and welcoming service. We’ve taken so much of what distinguishes us from other Florida resorts and used this time as a chance to beautify and enhance what’s already so special. We’ve refurbished many of the features you fell in love with the first time around, and enhanced others. Rediscover:

Why Your Next Trip Will Be Different

Not only was Tranquility Bay largely unscathed by the 2017 hurricanes, we were able to reopen in record time. The tremendous willpower and enthusiasm of the community means that our resort can welcome guests back to experience an essential Caribbean getaway, without so much as stepping off the sands of Florida. The irrepressible spirit of the Florida Keys is present in all we do, and we look forward to treating you to an unforgettable Marathon vacation.