Meet the Locals at Marathon’s Turtle Hospital

Get up close to the majestic creatures at Marathon’s famous Turtle Hospital, located right next door to Tranquility Bay. Families will love learning more about the Florida Keys waters with a guided, educational and fun tour of the facility.

Go behind the scenes

Tour the hospital and see how sick and injured sea turtles are rehabilitated before being returned to the wild. Watch the them swim in their rehabilitation tanks, which range from 150-800 gallons. There’s even a 100,000-gallon saltwater pool which houses sea turtles that are permanently disabled and would have a poor chance of survival in the wild, mostly due to boat hits (bubble-butt syndrome) or missing flippers. These turtles may stay here for their whole lives, while others could be adopted by zoos or aquariums worldwide.

Hawksbill sea turtle

See the hatchlings

If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer months, you’ll have a unique chance to see the turtle hatchlings. Each year, over 100 are received by the facility so that they can be treated away from predators, ensuring they grow healthy and strong before being released. It’s a rare and magical chance to see hatchlings up-close in a safe environment.

Feed the residents

At the end of the Turtle Hospital guided tour, get even closer to the sea turtles as you feed the permanent residents. It’s a moment the kids are sure to remember for the rest of their lives – just imagine how envious their friends at home will be!

Releasing turtles back into the wild

Follow the Turtle Hospital on social media to stay informed about exciting turtle releases that are available for the public to watch in person. Once turtles have been rehabilitated, The Turtle Hospital’s top priority is to return these creatures to the wild once they are able. You can be a part of this amazing spectacle—just stay tuned for releases as they happen periodically.

Sea turtle in the Florida Keys

Take home your own turtle

Don’t worry—we don’t mean it literally! To support the Turtle Hospital, Tranquility Bay has purchased an exclusive plush sea turtle that is offered for free to children staying at Tranquility Bay. This small token is a way for us to give back to our friends at the Turtle Hospital, while also helping to educate your family about the importance of sea life.

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