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Tranquil Moments in Our Private Spa

Pamper Yourself in the Florida Keys

Relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your guestroom or beach house with Tranquility Bay Resort’s private spa. Browse our spa menu to find the perfect treatment for your mind, body, and soul.

All Florida Keys massages, energy sessions, and body treatments are 50 minutes. Asian ceremonies are 80 minutes.

Exotic Massage Choices

(50 minutes. Prices from $125)

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
    Traditional Hawaiian bodywork that employs deep tissue techniques, mind focus, breath and sacred alignment work.
  • Thai Massage
    Yoga meets shiatsu. The client is gently stretched and massaged in the stretches. Relaxing and energizing, this Marathon, FL massage enhances flexibility. Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Sacred Stone Massage
    Uses heated smooth round river stones. Stones are placed under and upon the body and are used for actual massage techniques. As heat penetrates the muscle a melting sensation engulfs the body.
  • Indonesian Massage
    A beautifully choreographed massage that uses Indonesian aromatherapy to provide a series of Swedish techniques with thumb walking to balance the body's channels of energy.
  • Ashiatsu*
    A barefoot massage. Deep tissue work using the therapist's feet and body weight to create even pressure covering large areas of the muscle tissue. Client uses floor cushion. Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Fijian Massage
    From the islands of Fiji - traditional health care. Client uses floor cushion and loose comfortable clothing. The therapist is seated and uses foot pressure and techniques along the musculature of the client's body. No oil is used.
  • Lypossage
    Body Contouring, lymphatic sand myofascial massage to reshape and tone problem areas and improve overall appearance. Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Star Massage
    Points that correspond to all organs and muscles in the body are located in the extremities. Feel the entire body release from receiving massage on just the hands, feet and head.
  • Mandara Massage
    A synchronized four handed massage done by two therapists working together. Takes its name from the Balinese legend of a mythical mountain that flows with eternal youth.

Aerial view of white sand beach.

Traditional Massage Therapy

(50 minutes. Prices from $120)

  • Tranquility Massage
    Light gentle gliding strokes relax and soothe the tired soul.
  • Prenatal Massage
    Experience lying face down with your belly suspended in cushioned comfort as gentle strokes relax your body and allow you to commune with your child. Enjoy how the child reacts when massaged for the first time.
  • Deep Tissue
    Slow, steady deep pressure helps release tension and relieve soreness.
  • Couples Massage
    Enjoy receiving your favorite massage side by side with your partner.

Energy Sessions

(50 minutes. Prices from $150)

  • Reiki
    Symbols and hands-on techniques are used to focus healing energy without the manipulation of muscle tissue. Reiki attunements, trainings and retreats are also available on request.
  • Higher Spirit Consultations
    Energy clearing and removal of stagnant blockages allow you to move forward with freedom and love. Training and retreats are also available.
  • Yoga Essentials
    Private sessions for you and your partner at your cottage at Tranquility Bay in the Florida Keys. Work with breath and alignment, developing flexibility, strength and endurance leading to spiritual peace.

Purifying Body Treatments

(50 minutes. Prices from $150)

  • Key LimeSea Salt Scrub
    Removes dried skin and stored toxins leaving body soft and radiant.
  • Honey Sesame Body Glow
    Honey, sesame seeds and dried herbs for the invigorating route to softer, healthier skin. Highly moisturizing
  • Seaweed Wrap
    Purify and remineralize devitalized skin. Shed excess tension.
  • Aloe Lavender Sunlover's Treatment
    Too much tropical sun? Cool and refresh sunburned skin with nature's gift. Relieve the sting with fresh aloe.
  • Thai Herbal Wrap
    Clay, milk, turmeric, herbs and sesame oil draw out impurities, heal blemishes, cool the skin and replenish moisture to prevent sun damage.

Asian Ceremonies

(80 minutes. Prices from $220)

  • Hawaiian Forgiveness Ceremony
    Hawaiian clay is used to remove impurities followed by traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.
  • Traditional Luiur
    Spice and yogurt exfoliation and body polishing as practiced in the palaces of Java since the 17th Century. This traditional wedding ceremony has achieved great popularity with everyone. Ends with a soothing Indonesian massage.
  • Balinese Boreh*
    The scrub is an herb and spice mix offering a potent deep heat sensation. Good for fever, headaches, muscle aches, arthritis and chills. Followed with Indonesian massage. Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Pukhett Kopi Scrub
    A Thai massage is followed by a coffee and clay exfoliate. Ideal for male skin.
  • Thai Warrior Revitalizer
    Traditionally performed on war weary soldiers returning home with muscle aches and bruises. An herbal poultice helps alleviate pain and inflammation. A deep massage that works with energy lines and breathing.

All of our Asian Ceremonies can be combined with a facial as a package. You will receive a complimentary product to take your Island Spice experience home with you.

Enhancements: A la Carte add-ons to any treatment

  • Individually blended aromatherapy oils
  • Aroma Scalp Treatment
  • Foot Mask
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Tiger Balm
  • Healing with Crystals
  • Healing with Elements and Sound Vibration
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Steam Treatment

Tranquility Bay Pool

Facial Treatments

Prices from $150

Each facial treatment is created for your individual skin type. Warm aromatherapy towels relax and soften the face followed by a special cleansing and exfoliation. Unique hands-on massage will continue your treatment with a special mask. Deep penetrating moisturizer will give you that healthy glow. Ask about our secret technique available only at your private spa session.

  • Taste of the Tropics
    Essential rose oil is the base for ultimate sensitive skin treatment. Gentle and refreshing leaving you as soft as a rose petal.
  • Breezy Palm
    Special face massage techniques help to stimulate and revive your skin while you relax and let everyday stress and pressure slip away.
  • Sunset Moment
    Renew your skin with a natural fruit peel. Fresh citrus juices applied to resurface your face helping to reduce fine lines without harsh chemicals.
  • Touch of Paradise
    Let the natural oils in avocado rehydrate dry or sun damaged skin. Natural fresh mask prepared moments before use.

Gentlemen Facials

  • Sea Breeze
    Take a break from the everyday routine. Let us relax and refresh your face with cleansing exfoliation and vigorous massage. A mask for your special needs.
  • Salty Dog
    Too much sun and salt? Soothe your skin with a special facial treatment to renew and enhance your complexion after the rigors of the elements.
  • Lost in Paradise
    The ultimate luxury in men's facial care. Slow quiet pampering to set you free from pressure and hustle. Leaves you feeling that you have escaped to your own private island.

Enhancements: A la Carte add-ons to any treatment

  • Fruit Acid Peel
  • Hot Stone
  • Aromatherapy
  • Special scalp oils to enrich the hair

To secure desired time, make your reservations early, All treatments end on time so that the next guest will not be inconvenienced. Please be ready to start your treatment at the designated time. Showering before is recommended. Men should shave two hours prior to facials. Please, no cell phones or TV’s during treatments.

Release form of liability must be signed before services will be performed.

Cancellation Policy- You must cancel your Marathon Florida spa service reservation 48 hours prior to the time of your appointment. If the reservation is not cancelled by this time you will be charged the full amount of the service, including the service charge.

All spa services are subject to a 25% service charge