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So much more than "just another" vacation

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to experience a vacation like no other at Tranquility Bay Resort. Welcome to our little "peace" of paradise in the Florida Keys. When did you last sit still and really disconnect from the constant buzz of everyday life? Is it time to step into a Tranquility Bay experience and rediscover life at its simpler design? As a guest at Tranquility Bay, we invite you to step away from the normal and reconnect with your life.

A welcome video from Bob Bauersachs, General Manager 

Relax and reconnect 

See the vibrant colors of the Florida Keys unfold before you: tropical palms, gorgeous Caribbean water, and an unforgettable golden sunset. Hear the faint sounds of the Gulf waters and feel the gentle breeze. Smell freedom and the salty sea air. Taste the delicious and colorful island treats. Touch the sand and recall how it feels to be free. If you are open to the experience, you will refresh your soul and your senses at Tranquility Bay. Get ready - it could change your life and cause you to reset your priorities.

A day here… far from ordinary; more a simple celebration of life’s true meaning. From the moment you open the lobby door, you’ll feel the tranquility and freedom that surrounds our peaceful paradise.

Do everything or nothing at all

Take a stroll through swaying palms and get to know the locals once you arrive: an iguana resting in the sun as the Gulf of Mexico glistens. Sip a Key Lime Colada after lunch at our beachfront tiki bar or refuel at a nearby Cuban café. Will your afternoon take you to our pristine putting greens, our pools, or will you round up the family for onsite watersports? Do everything or nothing at all… just pass some time doing what you really enjoy.

These are the tough decisions you’ll need to make at Tranquility Bay, but don’t forget that relaxation is a true experience too. For dinner, we serve the freshest Florida grouper, succulent pink shrimp, and sweet Key Lime Pie - all perfectly paired with a side of salty sea air and a refreshing cocktail on ice. 

An aerial view of Tranquility Bay and the surrounding area.

An authentic Florida Keys experience

We have our own definition of luxury; an authentic experience that takes in the freedom of fresh air, beautiful landscaping and time together.

Sometimes in a setting like this, we redefine ourselves and make decisions to prioritize what is really important. Maybe you can slow down and truly take in the ocean view and feel the powder-soft sand sift through your toes. The distant sounds of the ocean and the cool colors of your tropical room may soothe you into the best sleep you’ve had in years. Here, you can relax in real time with your loved ones, sharing authentic memories together as you relax in nature’s most beautiful playground.

We have the definition of paradise all in one place; now it’s up to you.

Don't let a moment pass you by

A sea breeze blows through your room just before it’s time to check out. You pause and smile as you’re reminded of the simplicity of a carefree life and the value of living the important moments before they slip away. We look forward to welcoming you very soon!


Warm Island Wishes,


Bob Bauersachs
General Manager
Tranquility Bay Resort

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Couple strolling in clear waters with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Keys

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