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The Turtle Hospital

Support our Neighbors at Marathon's Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys

Tranquility Bay Resort is a proud supporter of The Turtle Hospital, located right next door to our Florida Keys Resort. The Turtle Hospital is focused on the rehab of injured sea turtles and returning them to their natural habitat. The organization also educates the public through outreach programs and educational visits to local schools. The Turtle Hospital additionally conducts and assists with research aiding sea turtles (in conjunction with state universities) while also working towards environmental legislation making beaches and water safe and clean for sea turtles.

How We Support The Turtle Hospital

Make sure to visit our friends at The Turtle Hospital during your stay to learn more about the work that this organization contributes to the Florida Keys and the world.

  • Membership: Tranquility Bay Resort is a proud member of The Turtle Hospital's highest level membership, called "The Release Team." Take a moment to learn more about The Turtle Hospital's membership options and support our sea turtles today.
  • Free Turtle Toy: In addition to our membership, we offer our guests a free plush turtle toy to children who visit Tranquility Bay Resort. We purchase these toys directly from The Turtle Hospital so that our contribution supports this amazing organization. Our aim is to educate younger generations about the importance of conservation and the majestic creatures that help our Florida Keys ecosystem thrive.
  • Turtle Adoption: In addition to this contribution, Tranquility Bay Resort is the proud adopted parent of a Turtle Hospital sea turtle. We encourage you to adopt a turtle during your stay as well. 

How You Can Help

Here are other ways that you can help support The Turtle Hospital. 

  • Contribute by donating, adopting a sea turtle and becoming a member.
  • Make responsible consumer decisions when it comes to the purchase of seafood and know how it was obtained or caught. Learn More
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce your consumption. Buy products with less packaging. Reuse what you can and recycle what you cannot. Get more tips here
  • Be a responsible boater. Learn more
  • Dispose of fishing line properly. Read tips here
  • Help stop unregulated coastal development and non-sustainable agricultural practices. Learn more

Learn More about experiencing The Turtle Hospital over on our blog

Baby turtle at the Marathon Turtle Hospital.