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Help us to Keep the Florida Keys Alive

A special message from our General Manager

Dear Friends,

Vacations are a fantastic chance to capture memories that will last a lifetime, and here in the Florida Keys, we want to continue doing that.

Following Hurricane Irma, we thought 2018 would see people hurry back to the Florida Keys. Eight months in, this hasn’t happened – in fact, in many areas, tourism remains down by as much as 18%. We need your help to change this. Tourism is our number one industry and is critical to our local families, schools, and many family businesses. These are vital links to the enduring quality of living in the Keys. They pose challenges that we must address and re-establish for the future of the area we call home.

How we were affected

When I returned to the Keys two days after the hurricane and witnessed the disaster first-hand, I made it my top priority to help re-establish lives. We supported hundreds of residents and law enforcement by providing food and shelter, while also setting up a mobile veterinary clinic to assist with storm-related injuries to people’s beloved pets. It was my mission to help my employees and local families to believe again. They needed the energy we could provide.

You can help sustain our economy...

After 30% of our staff left the Keys and many local businesses closed their doors, we need your help to continue manifesting the dream of life in the Keys. You can help us spread the positive message that the Keys are in full swing. Simply let the world know about your Tranquility Bay experience by leaving a review on TripAdvisor or Google. Scroll below to leave a review. You help sustain our economy, jobs and homes.

Stay this autumn

You can also take advantage of our best rates of the year by staying this autumn and helping our economy. While autumn is hurricane season until November 1st, we can assure you that we have a hurricane policy and you would be refunded if a hurricane affects Tranquility Bay.

While Tranquility Bay is back to business, it will take time to encourage the rest of the world to join us in the Florida Keys. Please spread the word to your friends and family, and maybe share a Facebook post or two. We greatly appreciate your help and hope to see you soon.

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Warm Sunny Regards,

Bob Bauersachs
General Manager
Tranquility Bay Resort